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Dakar Rally

"A crazy race through awesome landscapes"


"Wow @aboveandbeyond are just blowing my mind right now #ABGT150"

Tomorrowland Radio

"Listening to #TMLRadio and and watching the Livestream on my TV is so damm nice 😁 #TomorrowlandLive"

Electric Daisy Carnival

"Props #EDCradio just hooked up in the US to the best broadcast!!!"

Amsterdam Dance Event Radio

"#aderadio excellent show tonight! Enjoying a night off, but not possible to join the fun in a venue... Excellent alternative!"

Tomorrowland Radio

"Once again a great job guys! Thx for the music! #tmlradio"

About us

We are Cross Media Ventures. A Dutch company with a long history in the field of production, hosting and distribution of event broadcasts, and enhancing these events with innovative online solutions. We work for Artists and Event organizers like Tomorrowland, Insomniac EDC, Above & Beyond (Group Therapy Radio), Aly & Fila (Future Sound of Egypt), Armin van Buuren (A State of Trance), Carl Cox, Fedde Le Grand, Ferry Corsten (Corsten’s Countdown), Gareth Emery and for many other broadcasters and event organizers.

Cross Media Ventures provides the global radio distribution and on-site production. State-of-the-art equipment is used(Studer, Inlet/Cisco), including top notch (Orban/Omnia) audio processing. Our professional network spans multiple global data centers and allows us to provide high volume always-on hosting and content delivery.

We are also specialized in enhancing broadcast with innovative real time websites. This enables us to publish items that appear instantly, without refreshing the website. Issuing moderated social media posts engages the audience. The resulting social wall or hub encourages fans to share content and hence spread the word.

During the years we've added radio to our portfolio

Radio is a very powerful medium to reach out to people all over the world just like video. We also believe that as festival or artist it's important to reach as many fans as possible. You want to communicate with them and involve them in the event. We think that radio is a very powerful and good medium to increase the range of your event. With radio it's possible to reach the people who are in their car on there way to work. Or a couple of friends who have a fun and relaxing day on the beach.

We've started with the radio shows because we've noticed that a video broadcast of a festival can be expensive when done properly. A big crew with a lot of equipment is required to keep it Interesting to watch. Radio is very powerful and a lot easier to produce and consume. Fans can listen anywhere and while doing something else. The magic of radio leaves room for a personal interpretation. Adding a website that’s updated in real-time with event photos and curated social media content completes their picture. The fans become part of a global interactive celebration. This adds new value to radio.

Visual radio

During several radio shows we've noticed that people who were listening at home were curious about what was happening in the studio. From this perspective we've added visual radio to one of our broadcast last year. This was an enormous success and we had a lot of response from the fans all over the world. Because all of the connections are already in the studio and it's a relatively small space you don't need much equipment to realise visual radio. Therefore it is not really expensive to realise visual radio and add extra dimension to you event and broadcast. On the right side you can see a example of the visual radio concept during Tomorrowland 2015. It's also possible to combine the main videobroadcast of your event with the (visaul)radio broadcast.

Global network

We have been working closely together with International Radio and TV Broadcasters for many years now. We have established a growing network of over 120 high-end radio stations from all over the globe. By providing quality broadcasts, the stations are eager to participate and syndicate the content we produce.

Our solution gives radio stations a unique opportunity to broadcast world-class content and boost (online) figures.
Cross Media Ventures is the specialist of streaming media. Not only the technical realization is in good hands at Cross Media Ventures, but we also accompany projects from concept to realization. Cross Media Ventures has many years of experience in the field of streaming media. Streaming media provides numerous opportunities for you to enrich content.
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An impression of the radio broadcast