• Dakar 2016
    A crazy race through awesome landscapes
  • 2015 ABGT 001
    Wow @aboveandbeyond are just blowing my mind right now #ABGT150
  • Tomorrowland Radio 2015
    Listening to #TMLRadio and and watching the Livestream on my TV is so damm nice 😁 #TomorrowlandLive

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  • Electric Daisy Carnival 2015
    Props #EDCradio just hooked up in the US to the best broadcast!!!

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  • Amsterdam Dance Event Radio 2014
    #aderadio excellent show tonight! Enjoying a night off, but not possible to join the fun in a venue... Excellent alternative!

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  • Tomorrowland Radio 2014
    Once again a great job guys! Thx for the music! #tmlradio

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Tomorrowland Radio

Tomorrowland is recognized to be one of the best, most beautiful and talked about electronic music festivals in the world. With recent editions attracting people from over 200 countries, it is the most international gathering. In 2013 Cross Media Ventures created a unique radio station: Tomorrowland Radio. After the successful launch, 2014 brought the 10th anniversary of the festival with two weekends of on-location radio.

Our temporary station broadcasts via numerous (FM/Satellite/online) stations around the globe. It reached a potential of over 50 million listeners in the 2013, a figure that more than doubled in 2014. The three day broadcasts feature the best from six connected stages, live interviews with artists and even a second stream broadcasting in Spanish. The onsite studio is located near the Artist Village and features state-of-the-art radio equipment.

Cross Media Ventures was responsible for the overall concept in 2013 / 2014 / 2015.

An impression of the radio broadcast

Pictures 2015

2015 TMLRADIO 001
2015 TMLRADIO 002
2015 TMLRADIO 003
2015 TMLRADIO 004
2015 TMLRADIO 005
2015 TMLRADIO 006

Pictures 2014

2014 TMLRADIO 001
2014 TMLRADIO 002
2014 TMLRADIO 003
2014 TMLRADIO 004
2014 TMLRADIO 005

Pictures by Joost Geertsen
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